Career Headed Down the Drain? It's Time to Visualise Success

Career Headed Down the Drain? It's Time to Visualise Success

Career Headed Down the Drain? It's Time to Visualize Success
Live your dream lifestyle by achieving personal & career goals?
As it goes in a relationship, your career isn’t without some difficulties. It’s natural, and it’s even necessary to become motivated, raise the bar to your own success and professional progress and find new and improved ways of fine-tuning your craft. 

However, when you feel as if your career is at a dead end and it’s left you no option but to feel unworthy of a promotion or unsatisfied in your personal and professional progress, now is the time to act, not hesitate. 

Now isn’t the time to spin your wheels or hope that your work life will improve. Now is the time to visualise just what you want out of a satisfying work life, so that you can manifest it without struggling one second more. 

As it goes with your sales record, your communication strategy when talking to your boss, or email etiquette, you can only be as successful as you believe you can be. If you want to have a more rewarding career, focus on what that “rewarding career” looks like in your mind. 

Achieve that sales quota, raise or altogether new career opportunity by believing that no one but you deserve it more. Aren’t you ready to leverage your current work life into an unbelievable, too-good-to-be-true career? 

It’s waiting for you, should you have the right thoughts to act as your pathway to get there. If you want to set yourself apart from your aggressive co-worker as the right fit for an upcoming promotion opportunity, visualise it panning out as you’d like it to. 

If you want to place yourself smack-dab in the arms of your dream career by leveraging your passions, skills and experience, program your mind to accept it as the truth of your present life - and as if it’s unfolding before your very eyes! 

Time for an Awesome Career 

Affirmations are positive statements that reflect and train your mind to believe the outcome you want to achieve. 

Your brain is on autopilot most of the time and is constantly judging you, whether or not you want it to. Negative and disappointing circumstances in life - especially in your work life - have the power to propel negative self-talk to new heights and invite even more negativity in that it’s not already there. 

Start each morning by setting the stage for positive thinking. What you’ll find by trying out some of the following affirmations for career success is an advancement on the job and beyond. 

Why? When you think positively about your talent, your achievements and your success (and take yourself seriously as one), you’ll attract more success to you. When you really believe in your affirmations, success will come quicker than you can say, “I got a raise!” 

Affirmations to develop a promotion-worthy mindset! 

  • “Success follows me throughout my day, and I am constantly gaining more clients and more money as a result!” 

  • “I am talented and offer a unique skill set that sets me apart from my competitor. My co-workers, boss and customers see this and seek me out for my services.” 

  • “My career gives me the opportunity to fine-tune my craft while bringing in more business than I can even take on!” 

  • “I am an expert at what I do, and I am compensated fairly for the work I provide.” 

  • “My career provides me with the opportunity and freedom to travel and live richly.”

  • “I love what I do, and my passion for clients that respect and value my skills are everywhere. My phone rings constantly, and every day I am presented with more opportunity to work and show off my talent.” 

  • “I enjoy being recognised for my achievements at work and receive multiple streams of income for the work I do.” 

Creative Visualisation for a Creative Career 

If you’ve ever woken up on the wrong side of the bed, and as your day progresses, your workday seems to get harder and harder, know that it’s not your imagination. You may not be aware, but the negative thoughts you possibly had before going to bed the night before made its way into your morning. 

It sets the stage for all events to unfold. As a new rule of thumb, end each night by repeating your affirmations and practice imagining your upcoming day of work like a movie. 

What will each scene look like? How will your morning meeting pan out? How will your boss react to your suggestion for a new policy to make things run smoothly? 

Imagine going through your day happily, as if you really want to be there. By the same token, imagine the sensation of working with focus and being able to cross off every task from your to do list with ease. 

When you can imagine what you’re capable of achieving in the workplace, you’ll be unstoppable, undeniable and in all other ways, moving to a beat, a rhythm and a pace that smells, tastes and feels like success. 

Visualise the ideal work life that you want to achieve, all by thinking one positive thought at a time. Soon, you’ll watch the events of your work life play out in ways that benefit you, excite you, and motivate you.

Your work life doesn’t control you, but results from the many thoughts that you, in fact, control.

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