5 Steps to Building Self-Confidence

5 Steps to Building Self-Confidence

5 Steps to Building Self-Confidence
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Self-confidence is something that everyone needs to get through life successfully and happily. When you lack the confidence you need, other people pick up on it.

Unfortunately, some people take advantage. They can treat you like a doormat.

People can pass you over for things too, like promotions, dates, or party invitations. Or they disrespect you and ignore your boundaries.

In fact, it’s almost like you’re invisible.

Here are 5 steps to build up your self-confidence and the more you practise them, the more you’ll become self assured.

It’s An Inside Job

Self-confidence begins inside you, so you must focus on everything that makes you a great person. There’s maybe a weight from your past hanging over you that’s knocked your confidence.

If so, what can you expect? You’ve learnt to lack confidence. Leave the past in the past and focus on the present and, therefore, the future.

1. List Your Positives

Make a list of 10 things you find positive about yourself. Then give yourself the credit you deserve for these traits.

Celebrate them! Print them out if needs be and put them up in a prominent place you’ll see every day.

2. Recall Past Successes

Write about all the successes you’ve enjoyed in life. There will be more than you think if you put in a little effort.

Remember how each one made you feel. These will bump up your confidence so you can look to the future successes waiting for you.

3. Take a Gamble

You can choose to let your life pass you by or you could choose to get out and live. Everyone needs challenges in life.

These present a way to feel good about yourself each time you accomplish a goal. When you take a gamble on something, you understand you can be successful in anything you try.

Even when you feel you’ve failed, you’ll come away with a lesson, and that makes you a winner.

4. Build Self-Control

Refuse to listen to any little voice telling you that you’re going to fall on your face. That little voice is wrong and you need the self-control to put it where it deserves to be: in the bin.

No one’s perfect and you don’t need to be either. If you make a mistake, you still experienced a success: you let nothing stop you from trying.

There is a myth that ‘successful’ people never fail. That’s complete bullshit. They fail all the time but they don’t let that stop them.

Mistakes are for learning. So as long as you take away knowledge from your mistakes, you’ll start gaining more self-confidence. Guaranteed.

5. Visualise Your Successes

You can attain success in things much easier when you’re able to visualise them first. See yourself in the situation you’re going to be facing.

Watch as you make the right decisions, take the best actions and bring about the successful ending that you desire.

When you can see yourself bringing about what you want most in your life, you can make it happen. The more successes you bring to yourself, the more your confidence will build. Success breeds success.

Go Forth With Confidence

Take some time to practise these tips daily and you’ll begin noticing your self-confidence increasing a bit more each time. Once you’ve attained this much needed confidence, you’ll see the change in the way others view you.

It will become quite obvious that they see you as a confident (not arrogant) person, no matter which room you walk into…

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